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Sci-Fi Construction Toy

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During my time at PlayMonster I had the incredible opportunity to take part in designing their new construction toy line, Snap Ships. Snap Ships are a Sci-Fi construction toy that enables users to build limitless combinations of unique, detailed, and robust fictional space crafts for endless hours of play.

Snap Snips YouTube Channel


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Snap Ships use a simple peg and hole construction system. In the core of the ships are 3 piece cubes that allow for an array of accessory pieces to be attached.

Every different ship comes in its own kit with unique pieces. Since the

building system is universal across the product line, pieces

can interchanged between kits flawlessly.


The team of designers didn't want Snap Ships to exist as just a construction toy. We wanted a story behind them and lore for the the users to explore. My first semester focused on visual concepting and world building. 


When I came back for my second semester at PlayMonster, the scene had been set. We were ready to start designing vehicles and space ships to fill the world that had been build around Snap Ships.

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