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Hybrid Automotive Concept

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Our future leans toward the electric propulsion of cars. However, it is projected that by 2050 over 50% of vehicles on the road will still be powered by a gasoline engine. The real change in the automotive industry will be automation. Whether electric, hybrid, or gasoline, automakers expect to be producing Level 4 Autonomous vehicles for the general public in as few as 15 years.


Owning an autonomous vehicle will comes with a range of benefits. However, the takeover of autonomous vehicles comes with the lack of driver centric cars on the road. This could lead to the extinction of both present and future car enthusiasts.

Mazda has produced some of the most exciting and iconic driving-oriented vehicles to ever touch the road. A balanced chassis, manual transmission, and high-revving Wankel rotary engine creates some of the most exciting driving experiences ever.



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Mazda has recently patented a rotary-hybrid powertrain for their upcoming model, the MX-30. They continue to pioneer the use of rotary engines in the automotive industry. A tuned-up version of this powertrain would make a perfect package for Mazda's next generation hybrid sports car.